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Girl Goodies

The brand offers both services and goods. Services vary from closet organizing, to personal shopping, to personal styling. In addition we are the seller of female vintage goods. The Girl Goodies mission is to educate and inspire our clients on the importance of image and how it affects daily life experiences. Girl Goodies is derived from a psycho-social model that all things work together either for the common good or the bad. In our world, image and psychosocial well being go hand in hand. Join the brand and enhance your lifestyle. Girl Goodies is a Image Consulting business located center city of Chicago.



This New Jersey native turned Chicago resident graduated from Tuskegee University with a BA in Psychology in 2006 and later graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago with a Masters in Social Work in 2010. After working years within the Social Work profession she later turned to her true passion; fashion! Iva launched the Girl Goodies brand in 2012  and has been determined to make her way into the image industry ever since. Sought after public speaker, workshop facilitator and stylist to many; Iva intends on sharing with the world the true importance of image as it relates to ones psychosocial well being.