Closet Organizing

Consultant will complete an in-home session(s) to organize/clean the client’s closet. This is a deep cleaning with intent to rid yet organize the space for practical use. Multiple sessions available upon request.

Personal Shopping

Consultant will complete a one-time shopping service for any occasion, Wardrobe Building (which may include several shopping outings)  available upon request.

Personal Styling

Picture and event ready for any occasion. Both day to day and special occasion styling offered.  Styling of current wardrobe available upon request.

Wardrobe Analysis

Consultant analyzes current wardrobe, differs from organizing because deep cleaning does not take place. Consultant simply rids wardrobe of unnecessary items and plans for additional items to be added. Planned shopping outing available upon request. This service is offered with the intent to create obtainable looks within the clients current wardrobe.

Vintage Box

Mini consultation for the vintage lover completed both in-home or virtually. With clients assistance consultant will hand select items to create a box that best fits the personality/image of the client.

All services are billed hourly, both vintage and modern services/goods are available, ADDITIONAL services available upon request.