Workman’s Jumpsuit


How many times does life just take us by storm? Often huh! This is so my life since January 1st of ’18. Crazy because I have literally prayed to be “booked and busy” and now I feel booked and too busy (insert ugly face emoji). But one can learn to master the art of both booked and busy and I’d say that I have been somewhat maintaining it.

For starters, I planned to do weekly style blogs in the New Year which has yet to happen. Even this blog post that started off well planned out took a little turn. As we prepared for this shoot the day slipped away and what started as an outdoor “working woman Wednesday” post turned into a, “hey let’s just move the couch over two feet, declutter the coffee table and lets just take it here.” The thought initially behind the shoot was to capture the raw essence of the working woman; often mothering, wifing, working and well… adult(ing). So here you have it (insert smirk).

Life can be tough sometimes and we must learn to pray, prioritize and produce (literally my mantra for 2018). So, what’s been keeping me afloat thus far? The above mentioned statement in that exact sequence. It’s literally written in little corners of my home where I tend to sit and dwell on what needs to be done. Because I’m visual sometimes I have to see it in order to “get shit done” (which is also written all over my place). So with a little motivation I am now understanding and trusting my process.

So what did I have on? An oversized navy blue workman’s jumpsuit thrifted right here on Chicago’s west side. The name tag on it reads “Miguel.” This jumpsuit can be personalized with additional patches as well as pins. I chose to pair it with a pair of white patent leather booties that I scored from Discovery Clothing for a whopping $22 bucks! Purchase the jumpsuit here:





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