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What better way to celebrate #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) other than linking up with the #GirlSquad and talking fashion with one of our very own? We recently took the time out to sit and chat with Ms. Jazmine Nicole of PolishedbyJ (a clothing brand designed and manufactured right here in the city). Although we casually discussed fashion, Jazmine revealed so many interesting facts about her upbringing, education, and passion which lead her to where she is today. Look below and get to know this talented self-starter. Take it a bit further and follow her on social media!


We asked Jazmine to openly discuss general information about her upbringing:

She states, “I was born and raised in St. Louis by a single parent (her mother) who is my idol, teaching me at a very young age to work hard and hustle because nothing comes easy in life.” Jazmine explained that upon graduation she planned to move to either New York or L.A. to embark upon her fashion dreams. At that time Jazmine found it hard to split from her mother and moved nearby to Chicago. Here in Chicago Jazmine attended both IADT and the Art Institute. After her inability to financially support her educational goals Jazmine still pushed forward with her innate talent which is fashion design!

We then asked, “When did you first realize that you loved fashion?”

She replied by stating, “I first noticed that I loved fashion when I wanted to be fly, fresh, and different. The art of fashion was the only thing that really could keep my attention at such a young age.”

“How did you get into it, you know fashion?”

Jazmine, replied, “Well I got into high-end fashion when I met this beautiful soul named Gina, a sweet loving exciting spirit that only wanted to meet great people and grow. She was from New York City, Queens I believe. We met in St. Louis while I was there getting my cosmetology license. She loved my style and wanted me to work fashion week with her for this designer named Zang Toi. I flew back and forth every February and September for fashion week for four years straight. Doing so it opened my eyes into meeting people in the fashion industry all over the world.”

We asked, “How did your love for fashion translate into design?

She states, “My love for fashion translated when I was in high school and I wanted to be different and couldn’t afford the “couture look.” So, I went to Joann’s Fabric and created my homecoming look, which was the first time I ever sewed anything. And that was all she wrote. I fell in love!”

Next, we decided to ask Jazmine, “What do you love most about what you do?”

Eloquently Jazmine replied, “What I love most is the look on my clients face when they love their pieces and feel polished. I’m pretty a personable designer. I was a stick with a booty growing up so it was very hard to find clothing that worked well for my shape. Therefore, I take pride in polishing every woman no matter what her shape is. Every woman and/or man should feel polished.

Our team has admired Jazmine’s personal style since we first met her a little over a year ago. That’s when we got nosey and asked, “Who are your top 3 fashion icons?”

Jazmine replies, “I really don’t have a fashion icon but I admire Kahlana Barfield’s style.” She then states, “On the other hand I do have three fashion designers that I do admire:
Ralph Lauren because he is classic and timeless, Virgil Abloh because he took street wear to a different level and I believe he will be around for a very long time and Stella McCartney because it is very hard to be a high end vegan designer and she makes it fresh and fun for all ages.”

Because Jazmine is a fan of sequins and glitter, knowingly we asked her, “Who would you most appreciate designing for?”

She chuckled and states, “Beyoncé…duh”

As we closed out the interview we asked, “What’s in store for your brands future?”

Jazmine states that it’s her goal to “Become a global brand that does more than just create clothing. I plan to change lives.”

For your sake we asked her, “How can people connect with you?”

Jazmine replies, “For formal inquiries, contact my management team but if you simply want to follow along, add me on IG at @jazmine.polished.nicole or on the web

Lastly, we asked, “For an aspiring fashion student or mogul, what would be one critical piece of advice that you’d give them?”

Jazmine states, “I’d tell them that if this is something that you want it’s definitely not going to be easy. Fashion is a very harsh industry and if this is what you want to do then you have to keep going and stay true to yourself because in the end, you being true to yourself will always win. Being you is something that NO ONE ELSE CAN DO!!!”

Please take some time out to visit Jazmine’s site and social media. Look below to see her designs. Support this girl boss as she takes strides in becoming the best version of her! #GirlSquad



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